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Textile Talks

TEXTILE TALKS is designed to serve as a source of information on the widely diverse topics pertaining to textiles, their production and aesthetic qualities for anyone interested in fibers, fiber arts and history . It is intended as an overview, supplying basic information, as well as a more in-depth look at popular textile subjects.

There is a growing awareness and interest in textiles. Once viewed as merely utilitarian, textiles are appearing in "coffee table art books" and museum exhibitions. Brought from attics and storage rooms, they are being studied, restored and, most importantly offered to the public for their appreciation.

Short articles pertaining to textiles, references and book reviews will appear on this web-site. In addition, information about the three sources for further study will be available.

In the meantime please contact us with your needs.

I am available to present programs or lectures for your group or organization on topics of quilts, textiles, textile history.

For more information, phone Margy Norrish at 
(505)216-0647  or email to: Cinnamon Studio