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BOOK REVIEW From my textile reference library

Textiles....5000 Years, An International History and Illustrated Survey , Jennifer Harris, ed
(**** rating)

This book was first published in 1993, by Abrams,Inc. It is now available reprinted in a paperback version. This reference is one I continue to use after nearly 14 years. It includes both a survey of techniques and also a survey of world textiles according to region. Many authors, all experts in various disciplines, contribute to the comprehensive scope of this publication. Accompanying the easy to understand text, are maps and diagrams, and great color photographs. There is also included a glossary and extensive list of further readings.

This overview of textiles offers more information than many "coffee table" textile books while the glorious textiles illustrated make for great "browsing".

Books are rated according to information, references and further readings, and illustrations.
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